Super 16mm short film
TRT: 00;06;00


The dark story of a family that is torn apart by grief and blame when young Anna makes an irreversible mistake while playing an innocent game with her cousins. A seemingly brief moment in everyday life turns into a tragedy that will haunt Anna for the rest of her life.


At a casual family gathering in panhandle Florida, the children play an innocent game of kick the can. The sudden disappearance of 3 year old Micah seems like a passing incident until night falls and the household is still searching. The delicate relationship of mother and daugher in the prepubescent years is explored as 12 year old Anna internalizes her mother's behavior. Nancy's grief overshadows her better judgment and she casts her accusations at Anna. The accusatory eye of her mother only intensifies Anna's pain as she feels, for the first time in her twelve year old life, a true and deep sense of responsibility. If only her mother would forgive her...