Oswald's Last Wish

Super 16mm short film
Dark Comedy
TRT: 00;09;35


Can Oswald stop the wedding before the Sheriff stops him?


Oswald, a heavy-drinking congolmeration of vices, is slapped with the realization that he will lose his Gigi to another man if he doesn't do something to stop the wedding which takes place in a few hours. The consequences of his vices, however, have chosen today to come crashing down on him... As he makes his way to Gigi to stop the wedding by murdering the groom, he is pursued by several people he has wronged in the recent past - who would gladly see him dead. A colorful story told in vignettes with a narrative thread, Oswald's Last Wish captures all of the disorientation of an inebriated adventurer who thinks he knows what he wants, and gets just what he deserves.