Ruyah Zahir

Super 8mm short film
TRT: 00;12;00


The story of two women, their uncanny connection, and the cultures that force them apart.


Uninspired by her dead-end waitressing job, and unloved by her detached, porn-addict boyfriend, Baby becomes increasingly fascinated from afar by her beautiful Muslim neighbor, Ruyah. The Afghan woman, always covered from head to toe, is confined to her home and made to fulfill the expected duties of a pious Muslim wife; while Baby, in scanty waitress attire, endures the unwanted advances of predatory men and the apathy of her passionless relationship. Both women are estranged not only from their significant others, but from the world around them as well.

These two opposite women, both diminished into objects of mens's desire, come face to face for a brief moment in the dim hallway that separates them. Each feels the spark of connection, sensing each others' need. The little flame of hope that kindles between them is roughly snuffed out by Ruyah's protective husband who fears the contamination of Western culture. "Ruyah Zahir" is about two women on a spiritual journey whose hope, even just a tiny ember, will endure beyond their loneliness, beyond their estrangement, and beyond their own self- destructive efforts to squelch it.